5 Ways play benefits children

5 Ways play benefits children

Here’s why you should let children play and why you should consider play as part of a powerful toolkit for the full development of children and is as applicable to children with special learning needs.

  1. Play allows children to learn how to develop a better sense of their abilities and gives them more confidence.
  2. Play allows children to develop creative problem solving abilities.
  3. Play allows children to learn about empathy and respect for feelings of others by giving them space to get in touch with their own thoughts and feelings.
  4. Play will give children a new avenue to learn how to express their thoughts and emotions.
  5. Play helps to teach children how to be responsible for their actions

The therapeutic process involved with play is different from normal play. Play Therapy is a structured method developed and guided by counsellors that build upon the natural way children learn about the world and their relationship to it (Axline, 1947; Carmichael, 2006; Landreth, 2002).

Children learn as they play. Most importantly, in play children learn how to learn.
– O. Fred Donaldson

College of Allied Educators offers a Postgraduate Certificate in Therapeutic Play Skills and leads to the Postgraduate Diploma in Play Therapy. Awarded by the Academy of Play and Child Psychotherapy, UK, (APAC), these programmes will allow students to further explore ways of integrating the child as the centre of a social system, which includes schools, families and a team of support. They will also introduce you to developmental practices, types of play therapy, legal frameworks, assessment, protection prodecures and therapeutic interventions.


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