Are you chasing someone else’s dream or your own?

Are you chasing someone else’s dream or your own?

Every year, people all over the world take a look at themselves to try to address something they’ve been lacking or wish to accomplish . This could be a goal to achieve better health, lose weight, learning to be more patient, earning more money, getting a promotion, or just trying to be more successful overall.

Chances are you have entertained these ideas, but have you ever thought if you’re doing this for yourself?

These might not even be your own goals and desires, but adopted from someone else. Perhaps from your peers or to please someone else.

When you attempt to lose weight, is this because you want to be more healthy, look better, and feel better; or is it because you want to please your peers and are seeking their approval?

These might seem like unimportant distinctions at first glance, but over the long term, it actually can affect your overall happiness quite a bit because you’re trying to live for someone else. These are other people’s desires, wants, and needs.

When you strive for success in your career, it’s a lot of effort and may take a lot out of you emotionally and mentally. If you end up chasing a definition of success that isn’t true to yourself, and isn’t what you truly envision and desire, any sense of true achievement and accomplishment may ultimately end up feeling quite hollow and meaningless.

Saying that, determining what you really want isn’t always easy. Your dreams and desires often are influenced in some way by external forces. Sometimes it is influences by your upbringing, your surroundings, your experiences, or from your peers. Even then, you still need to be able to identify the core of what it is that is what you want.

What you are really trying to do is figure out who you really are as a person, because that can help you determine what it is you want for yourself and what you want from your life.

Getting to this point may require quite a bit of introspection. In your busy life, these moments may be few and far between, and like a lot of people, you’ve probably ignored it for too long because it is inconvenient, or because you’re too tired. In many cases, you probably aren’t even sure where to start, so every time you try, your mind and effort wanders and you lose focus.

You should give yourself this time and effort. It is your life, your dreams, your happiness that is at stake. Don’t live for other people; find a way to live for yourself. Your happiness will help you and everyone around you.

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