Are you having trouble coping & need someone to talk to?

Are you having trouble coping & need someone to talk to?

With the global pandemic, and subsequent lockdown of countries and economies, daily life has changed for many people.  It has become much more uncertain and unpredictable. People may be worried about their health, mortality, and may be facing fears over losing their job, or even where their next meal will come from.

CAE has counsellors ready and willing to listen to you. They are compassionate and trained with the College of Allied Educators to listen to any topic or concern you may have. All conversations are kept in the strictest of confidence.

Counselling is an avenue for you to work through your anxiety, distress, and even depression. It allows you to disentangle your thoughts and emotions so you can see, feel, and think clearly again.

  • Perhaps you have felt the need to talk to someone and not known where to turn.
  • Perhaps you are just curious what it’s like to be counselled.
  • Perhaps you know someone who you think could really benefit from counselling.

If you or someone you know is having any problem dealing with the current situation and social isolation, contact us. Our counsellors are ready to listen and talk with you to help you through this period.

This is provided without charge, and your privacy will be protected and kept in the strictest of confidence. For your safety as well, during this period your counselling sessions will be held online.

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