Attain your Master of Education (Special Education)!

Attain your Master of Education (Special Education)!

You have been working for years now as an educator for special needs children. You’ve helped them and guided them through so much in order to help them overcome many issues to help them gain confidence and skills they will need in society.

In that time period you have amassed a wealth of experience with many different issues from real life cases. You know the pitfalls of certain methods and learning styles, and you now know the best, most effective way to handle different cases and situations. Every child you have helped has enriched you and given you valuable information.

Future educators, caretakers, and parents are ready and waiting to learn from your unique experience and insight, applied in all new ways.

Take the next step.

Attain your Master of Education (Special Education) with one of the top ranked universities in Australia and the world.

Edith Cowan University

ECU is one of the largest, top-ranked university, and is rated Australia’s #1 public university for overall education experience and quality.

In partnership with College of Allied Educators, Edith Cowan University’s Master of Education (Special Education) programme is conducted over the weekends across 24 months in Singapore. Along with exploring policies, pedagogy, research methods in the social sciences, and developing an understanding of education in a global context, you will specialise in:

  • Studying current social issues in Special Education
  • Advanced study of instructional design for Special Education
  • Learning to develop the best strategies for learning difficulties

Edith Cowan University’s (ECU) Master of Education (Special Education) programme is designed to help educator’s master their leadership and teaching skills. The programme is conducted by industry experienced lecturers, with features and particular focus on:

  • Authentic workplace experiences
  • Developing real life scenario problem-solving skills
  • Collaborative teaching and learning strategies to promote engagement
  • Graduate’s employability
  • Access to world class facilities

This highly recognised Master of Education (Special Education) programme will multiply your reach and will put you on a path to being an effective leader and educator in your field. 

CALL US at 6533-2743 to enrol for the April 2019 intake or EMAIL to ALEX.DTL@ICAE.EDU.SG