Develop your skills as a practitioner

Develop your skills as a practitioner

Are you just starting out or currently practicing psychotherapy?

College of Allied Educators’ CBT workshop is a full 3-day workshop open to all who are counselling students, graduates, and professionals.

Learn how to prescribe and administer CBT for anger management, interpersonal communications, and handling of personal or professional relationships.


  • How CBT works
  • Why it is a preferred and effective method
  • The various benefits of CBT
  • How CBT provides quick-step resolutions
  • What happens during a CBT session

Piyali CBT Trainer
Meet the Trainer:

Piyali is a Singapore Registered Psychologist (SRP), specializing in Clinical Psychology. She is committed to working with individuals across different clinical and organizational settings. Her work involves the application of behavioral science to predict, identify and comprehend the interactions and reactions of an individual in both personal & group setting.

Workshop Date: 9-11 Nov 2017
Workshop Time: 9am – 5pm

Workshop Venue:

College of Allied Educators
15 Phillip Street #05-00
Tan Ean Kiam Building
Singapore 048694
Tel: 6533 0031

Fee & Registration:

$650 per person (Before GST)

To register, email
or call 6533-0038

Eligible for non-approved VCF Funding

CAE students are entitled to 10% off the workshop fee!


Day 1

  • Introduction of all members, course objective and timetable
  • Learning expectation
  • Participants learning goals from this course
  • What is Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)
  • History of CBT
  • Identify the activating agent (A)
  • Identify & evaluate the consequences
  • Identify primary & secondary emotions (C)
  • Elicit the belief-thinking (B)

Day 2

  • Review Day 1 case work & and timetable for day 2
  • Basic CBT case conceptualization
  • Formulate B-C connections
  • Setting goals
  • Disputations
  • Role Play

Day 3

  • Review and timetable for day 3
  • Anger Management & CBT
  • Communication, Toxic relationship & CBT
  • CBT at work place
  • Role Play
  • Feedback
  • Summary and closure