Do you have the courage to follow your dreams?

Do you have the courage to follow your dreams?

The idea of following our dreams has been with us for many generations but has only really become a major aspirational goal for more and more people, young and old. It used to be something for young people to chase after, but nowadays there is an acceptance that there is no age limit.

Follow your dreams, no matter your age. It’s never too late and you should not confine yourself into thinking you’ve missed some kind of deadline. There are plenty of people in their mid-careers or older who have decided that their dreams are beyond them. Somehow, due to choices they have made, it’s too late. Perhaps you even think this way about following your dreams.

Maybe you chose to study something but now feel a strong pull towards another thing. Perhaps you’ve already built your career and are even successful at it, but something is tugging at you towards something more meaningful that you’ve ignored for too long.

Taking the step towards that voice inside you to do something more meaningful may not be an easy thing to do, especially if you’ve already built yourself up doing something else entirely. It’s difficult to justify. It’s hard to give up. It can even seem wasteful.

However, that voice inside you is telling you something. What is it that you have been avoiding all this time, and what is it telling you now?

If you ignore your inner desires, it will continue to haunt you. You may very well continue to do well in what you are doing, but if you really feel a strong pull towards something else; it is worth exploring. Perhaps it doesn’t require as much sacrifice as it does just some exploration. You don’t necessarily have to give up everything. Take a step forward and see where that leads you.

If you are someone who has a calling to help others and have a deep need to understand people, maybe a decision to take a course isn’t as disruptive to your life as it may seem. You are taking the time to learn, understand, and explore your options. It may very well be worth your while to consider taking part-time courses; allowing you to continue with your current activities while exploring something new and of interest to you. If you don’t take the first steps forward, you’ll always wonder. The longer you wonder, the more likely you may start thinking you’re past some kind of expiry date to follow your dreams.

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    Postgraduate Diploma in Counselling Psychology (PGDICP) is a counselling psychology course accredited by the Singapore Association for Counselling (SAC). The part-time Postgraduate Diploma in Counselling Psychology programme focuses on developing and enhancing experiential knowledge and skills through a holistic approach. Some of the subjects covered include Counselling Children, Addiction Intervention, Crisis Intervention, and Family Therapy.  
    Advanced Diploma in Counselling Psychology (ADICP) trains students to apply appropriate counselling skills in different situations while understanding their underlying theories. The ADICP programme introduces students to the nature of psychology and relates it to the theories and concepts of counselling. Students move on to explore themselves in order to promote personal growth and self-awareness, acquiring the key attributes of a competent counsellor and the proper methods of applying those skills.
    Diploma in Counselling Psychology (DCPSY) is a counselling course covering a range of conceptual and functional skills in counselling. It trains students to apply appropriate counselling psychology skills in different situations, and equips students with the ability to work effectively as a counsellor.


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