Do you second guess yourself?

Do you second guess yourself?

Not everyone second guesses themselves but you know you do when you perpetually catch yourself questioning things you have said, or done, or even thought. You know you second guess yourself when you quietly question what others meant when they did or said something.

Many of the questions we throw at ourselves tend to be:

  • Am I good enough?
  • Did I do something wrong?
  • Did I do it correctly?
  • Do people not like me?

People who second guess themselves tend to be self-aware, making them more prone to introspection. This can have very positive benefits as it can make you more thoughtful and considered in your actions and interactions with people, and the world. It can also make you more thoughtful towards yourself!

However, when it starts to negatively affect your thought process, it is a type of self-doubt that can even lead to self esteem issues. When you are left perpetually pondering what someone meant or what you really thought or felt, you can mire yourself in inaction and doubt. It makes you overly self conscious and can distract from the important things you need to deal with. It can make you slow to respond to situations and people, and can be seen by others as a weakness.

It can be tricky trying to ensure you aren’t unnecessarily hampering and entangling yourself in your own thoughts. Acknowledging yourself and your efforts, and asking specific and pointed questions to yourself is a good start. For example, “How can I improve in this area, and in what way?” rather than “Did I do it correctly?”

At the core, people who second guess themselves have the propensity and ability to greatly improve themselves and their lives, but many remain too unfocussed, distracted, or just don’t know how.

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