Early Intervention Principles and Practices

WSQ Short Courses

The WSQ Early Intervention Principles and Practices is a short 2-day (15.5 hrs) course that will to help better equip you with skills to educate your students and children, whether you are a preschool teacher, special needs educator, or allied educator. Parents and guardians can also benefit from the knowledge gained to better understand and assist their children with special needs during the early years.

The College brings a grounded, holistic experience with its focus on theory as well as real world, practical case studies and examples delivered by lecturers who actively practice in their respective fields. With our continued post course support, we wish to help instil knowledge and a sense of confidence in your teaching and managing children with special needs.

Course content

  • Describe what is early intervention, and the need for early Course Details intervention (K1, K2)
  • Describe the challenges in identifying and serving children with special needs and people involved (A3, K3)
  • Identify the effects of intervention needs on children’s learning and adaptive functioning using wellrounded principles and practices (A2, K4, K5)
  • Apply the suitable assistive technologies and describe the types of assistive technology in interventions (A5, K10)
  • Provide training in working with children with special needs using well-rounded methods (A4, K7, K8, K9)
  • Describe the principles of effective communication and identify strategies to communicate and collaborate with families of children with special needs (A1, K6)

Course duration

Training days: 2
Total training duration: 15 hours

  • 1.5 ( Assessment Hours )
  • 12 ( Classroom Training Hours )
  • 2 ( Practical / Practicum Training Hours )

Entry requirements

  • Minimum age requirement: 16 years old
  • Completed secondary school education
  • English proficiency equivalent to the ES WSQ Workplace Literacy & Numeracy (WPLN) level 5.

Course fee & funding

$100.00 – Assessment fee (excluding GST)
$450.00 – Course fee (excluding GST)
Total: $550.00 (excluding GST)

  • Singaporeans/PR are entitled up to 95% of training grant from Skillsfuture Singapore (SSG)


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