How a seemingly small decision changed my life

How a seemingly small decision changed my life

Everyone eventually comes to a point in their life where they have to make decisions that eventually ends up changing their life for the worse or for the better. What people have in mind is that the decisions are huge decisions when they don’t necessarily have to be. They could be small decisions that lead to big changes.

It was one of these seemingly small decisions that changed my life.

What was my life though?

That was the question I had a difficult time answering. It took me many years before I even gave it any thought. When I became independent and started working, I thought I had it figured out. At the time I really believed in what I was doing. I built up a good career and was doing relatively well. Of course, I always thought I could do better; but I figured I had a job, made some money, I was good.

There came a point though, where I couldn’t ignore the feeling any more. My life wasn’t bad per say, but I knew I wasn’t happy. I sort of knew what I had to do but the decision seemed so big and imposing.

If I change my career, it’d be a huge decision that would change so much, so fast, I was sure it’d throw my life into disarray. That was too big a decision, and too scary. I couldn’t make the decision. I really wanted to do something more meaningful, but I sat on it for months and years because I was scared of the consequences.

One day I saw an ad from College of Allied Educators that talked about different ways of finding happiness. I thought they seemed to understand and took a closer look. After a short read, I knew right away the Counselling Psychology course was for me. It just clicked. I felt it.

I made the decision to contact CAE and eventually decided to take up their counselling psychology programme. In many ways, this counselling psychology programme was about finding ways to help learn more about myself as well.

The decision wasn’t as big as changing my entire life. It was actually a rather simple decision to learn about ways I could help people in need. I wasn’t sure of the direction it would lead me, but it wasn’t a huge commitment. The thing that helped me make my decision was that this course could be done part-time while I was still working.

The decision to study was a simpler, easier decision than changing my entire career. Learning something new about how I could help people wasn’t nearly as big or as scary as potentially upending my life.

This decision also lifted a huge burden off my shoulders that I had become accustomed to carrying. I felt light, more at ease with myself and more clear-headed. I didn’t know if this was the direction I wanted to take, but it was something I needed to do. I was doing something, and that helped me deal with my fear of jumping headlong into something I may not have been so sure of.

This seemingly simple decision felt like a major life decision and I felt better for it. I finally felt like I had choices I could make.


Join us at College of Allied Educators to learn more about yourself, what motivates you, and how you can find happiness, meaning, and success in work, love, and life.

    Postgraduate Diploma in Counselling Psychology (PGDICP) is a counselling psychology course accredited by the Singapore Association for Counselling (SAC). The part-time Postgraduate Diploma in Counselling Psychology programme focuses on developing and enhancing experiential knowledge and skills through a holistic approach. Some of the subjects covered include Counselling Children, Addiction Intervention, Crisis Intervention, and Family Therapy.  
    Advanced Diploma in Counselling Psychology (ADICP) trains students to apply appropriate counselling skills in different situations while understanding their underlying theories. The ADICP programme introduces students to the nature of psychology and relates it to the theories and concepts of counselling. Students move on to explore themselves in order to promote personal growth and self-awareness, acquiring the key attributes of a competent counsellor and the proper methods of applying those skills.
    Diploma in Counselling Psychology (DCPSY) is a counselling course covering a range of conceptual and functional skills in counselling. It trains students to apply appropriate counselling psychology skills in different situations, and equips students with the ability to work effectively as a counsellor.


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