How can I better teach my child?

How can I better teach my child?

Teaching a child with learning disabilities can be tough because it requires patience, knowledge, and the correct teaching methods to help that particular child learn. Due to the wide variety of learning disabilities, there’s no single way to teach children with learning disabilities. Sometimes it can be discouraging to see the child learning but having a difficult time recalling what they’ve learned.

While it can be frustrating, there are also ways to help your child improve their memory.

Identify how the child learns best
If the child seems to learn better by reading, you can include active reading into the lessons. Allow the child to read out loud, ask questions, and receive answers. This active reading activity can help the child retain and understand what they are reading.

If the child seems to learn better by activity, you can include small actions and activities into the lesson. It can be as simple as tossing the ball back and forth during the lesson. You could also do things like have the child highlight specific words in different colours as they hear them. These actions can help to keep the child engaged mentally through physical action.

Have the child teach you
Having the child explain the lessons to you is a good way to help build working memory. You can guide them as they move along by asking questions and helping with memory markers to jog their recall. You could even have the child convey this to you as a story, engaging their creativity as well. The child learns as they try to work out how to teach you, the parent and educator, what they know.

Remember that every child is different, as are the techniques used. As well, the quality of your personal training and learning will help immensely towards helping children with learning disabilities.

Contact us to see how you can develop an understanding of the different types of exceptional children, their needs, and the different special needs programmes and specialties that are available to you, for them.

CAE’s 15-months Postgraduate Diploma in Special Education (PGDISE) is a part-time programme is designed specifically to train potential candidates to be effective educators to children with special needs. At a graduate level, the Post Graduate Diploma in Special Education focuses on developing and enhancing candidates’ experiential knowledge and skills professionally through a holistic approach.

CAE’s 12-months Advanced Diploma in Special Education course trains educators and parents in the identification, diagnosis and treatment of these needs and the basic principles and practices of effective teaching and learning. The programme is highly practice-oriented to ensure that what you learn in class can be applied to children with special needs under your charge.

CAE’s Diploma in Learning Disorders Management & Child Psychology programme is designed specifically to train potential teachers, parents and caregivers to identify, detect and support children with special needs, such as Autism, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Dyspraxia, and Dyslexia.


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