How effective is Play Therapy?

How effective is Play Therapy?

Play Therapy is an intervention strategy to help children safely communicate and express their feelings and thoughts naturally in order to deal with trauma, loss, delayed development, and other developmental and social issues . Play therapy is fun, free-flowing, non-directed, and effective.

Some of the benefits of Play Therapy include:

  • Helping children learn to develop a better sense of their abilities and increasing their confidence.
  • Helping children develop creative problem solving abilities.
  • Helping children learn about empathy and respect for feelings of others by giving them space to get in touch with their own thoughts and feelings.

PTUK’s Research has found Play Therapy to be an effective therapeutic approach for children.

play therapy effectiveness

Parents also reported pronounced improvements to their children’s emotional outlook, better overall conduct, and improved relationships with their peers.

College of Allied Educators offers the Postgraduate Certificate in Therapeutic Play Skills, training participants to effectively use therapeutic play skills to provide emotional and psychological support to children.

This certificate leads to our Postgraduate Diploma in Play Therapy, which accredits and recognises you as a Certified Play Therapist internationally.


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