Is happiness costly?

Is happiness costly?

Often when asked “Does more money make you happier?”, many people agree that it does. In a metropolitan city of Singapore where cost of living is rising, it is hard to disagree why. We will tend to focus on building up our wealth to achieve that desired standard of living.

However, little is made known that high standards of living does not necessarily equate to happiness. The person may possess everything in terms of monetary wealth but be unsatisfied with life. They may have a lonely social life or be burdened with health issues or lacking in mental wellness. This is known as having a high standard of living but poor quality of life. It is important to learn how to balance both.

“The way to happiness – keep your heart free from hate, your mind free from worry, live simply, expect little, give much.”

  • Happiness require doing things you love freely
    Explore what makes you content. Widen your social circle and be closer with family and friends. People assume that to have fun, money is required. The most important thing is to enjoy and love what you do. Spend quality time with people who can bring out the positivity in you. For example, take a stroll along the beach with your loved ones, plan a simple picnic date or just read a book somewhere quiet.
  • Happiness require gratitude and sincerity
    Count your blessing and appreciate the little things you have. Live life with an open mind and loving heart. Never let your ego take over. Instead, give without expecting, refrain from gossip, and do not judge. Walk with grace and keep your character strong. 
  • Happiness requires loving who you are as a person
    Speak to yourself with kindness, nourish your body with food and honour your value by living life by your own morals and ethics. Take some time to invest in the most important thing – YOU. Do not let negativity or criticism from others dictate your life.

Money can buy all sorts of pleasure, but pleasure is only a momentary boost in positive feeling and enjoyment, that can quickly dissipate. True happiness, on the other hand, is having strong character, good morals and mindsets which can last years no matter what life throws at you. 

Happiness takes work. It requires change and growth to overcome our bad habits and past negative behaviours and thoughts.

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