Learning to love yourself can lead to success and happiness

Learning to love yourself can lead to success and happiness

You’ve likely heard it many times that loving yourself is essential to finding success and happiness, but given that we know it is an overused advice, many of us probably don’t really even know what it really means.

Learning to love yourself is quite vague. It sounds good to say, but people don’t really know how to apply it in real life. It could be easily misinterpreted to mean splurging on ice cream, blowing a chunk of your hard earned money on shopping. It could include those things; but people too often substitute the short term gains and excitement from shopping or splurging on excesses to hide from having to figure out how to love themselves.

Are you spending enough time considering your thoughts and feelings, or are you constantly dismissing them?

Our feelings can often feel inconvenient, or just too difficult to deal with so we brush it aside and conveniently forget to deal with them. When you do that, you’re hiding from yourself. You’re saying you are too inconvenient to deal with and there are more important things.

When you love yourself, you will take into consideration how you think and feel. You don’t see yourself as inconvenient or troublesome. Instead of leaving your issues for later, you set space and time to deal with them when you need to. If you’re feeling sad or upset, you take a time out, call someone to talk, or take a breather while having a coffee or tea. You acknowledge your feelings and you give your thoughts importance.

Once you start doing that on a regular basis, that is how you love yourself. When you accept that you are thinking and feeling a certain way, you are saying you are important. You are saying to yourself that your needs should be addressed. When you start doing that, you start changing your mind about yourself and your life.

You may start to see that you deserving of success, and instead of driving success away, you invite success into your life. This can be for your career, personal and romantic relationships, or whatever it is that gives you meaning and satisfaction.

Remember that fear of your own success and happiness can be seen as the result of feelings of inadequacy and lack of self-worth.

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