Make your career changing move to helping children!

Make your career changing move to helping children!

If you’re exploring a mid-career change and want to work with children, Early Intervention pathway might be for you.

Early childhood intervention is an educational and support system for young children who have developmental delays or disabilities. It also supports children who may have been victims of abuse or neglect.

Parents and guardians can benefit from the knowledge gained to better understand and assist their children with special needs during the early years.

Early Intervention targets children from birth to the age of three as this is the window when the foundation of key skills are learned. This allows parents and educators to redirect the child’s mind earlier towards skills such as language and social interaction. It will redirect children in learning how to communicate, participate and engage with their peers, society and family. By the time the child enters school, they have a better chance at being developmentally on par with their peers, or in some cases, even more advanced.

The WSQ Early Intervention Principles and Practices is a short 2-day (15.5 hrs) course that will help better equip you with skills to educate students and children under your care, whether you are a preschool teacher, special needs educator, or allied educator.

This WSQ course will allow you to continue towards a Certificate in Inclusive Education, a 2-month part-time course designed specifically to train potential teachers, parents and caregivers to identify, detect and support children with learning and developmental difficulties. This course consists of 3 segments which aim to equip learners with the relevant knowledge and skills to assist children with special needs.

This WSQ approved course will award you with a recognised certificate that opens a pathway for you to continue your education in this field and direction.

Skillsfuture Mid-Career Enhanced Subsidy

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Subsidy of up to 70% from Skillsfuture

With the Mid-Career Enhanced Subsidy, you can received a government subsidy of up to 70% for the WSQ Early Intervention Principles and Practices course.

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