Our Partners

College of Allied Educators

We are committed to working together with our partners in the special needs field to provide the best services that will cater to the needs of a wide variety of people, including not only children with special needs but also their parents and teachers.

As partners, we come together with a common purpose, and that is to educate and empower people with special needs and those who are dedicating their lives for the benefit of the special needs community.

We are proud to be partners of:


lbu partner
Leeds Beckett University

Play Therapy, United Kingdom


IAC Ed Institute Member
International Association for Counselling


Hwi You Community Centre
Practicum placement

Exerceo business international college
Practicum placement

The Learning Centre Consultancy
Practicum placement

Youth Guidance Outreach Singapore
Practicum placement

People’s Association

Play Therapy International (PTI)

Saint Clare School of Special Needs
Centre of Practical Training for our Students

Comm4Life_small 03122010.JPG

Communication for Life
Partner to provide training, workshop and Practicum for our students

Cognitive Development Learning Centre 07122010.png

Cognitive Development Learning Centre
Our collaboration is as follows:

  • Joint Parent Support Group workshop together
  • Project to help special needs children from lower income families
  • Center of Practical Training for our students

The Relational Counselling Studio 03122010.png

The Relational Counselling Studio
Partner to provide training, workshop and Practicum for our students

Grace Orchard School
Centre of practical training for our students.