Prepare yourself for a new you in the new year!

Prepare yourself for a new you in the new year!

At the start of every new year, I think it’s a great idea to sit down and take stock of the things that have affected you in the past year. Sure, there’s always going to be a melancholic element to it, but I think it serves a more practical purpose as well.

Ideally, introspection should be something that you actively cultivate and engage in throughout the year. It helps to give you an up-to-date assessment of your status and can be extremely helpful in allowing you to quickly change the pace and direction of your life.

This process involves questioning our own beliefs, examining your values, and evaluating your actions. Through introspection, you can uncover patterns in your behaviour, identify areas for improvement, and gain insights into your true desires and aspirations. When there is little to no introspection, what ends up happening is you end up moving along in life and not being able to react appropriately to changes and challenges that occur. It could very well mean you end up doing things that aren’t in alignment with what you want out of your life.

If you can’t do a regular self-assessment or introspection, then at least try to do one at the end of every year. In any event, it just seems appropriate to take stock of life as one year ends and another begins.

What you can do is find some quiet time for yourself and just think about the last year and what it’s meant to you. There may be a tendency to lock in on negative things that have happened but take it in strides and try to keep an open mind. Bad things happen, and sometimes, events unravel any plans you may have had. You may have gotten sick, somehow ended up injured, had difficulties with work, relationship, or love.

You might feel that not much has happened, or not enough has happened, but keep in mind that we have a tendency to gloss over things that go right, and when life is smooth, we often don’t take notice of it as much as when something goes wrong.

If you give yourself some time and delve deeper, you may see that for the most part, you got along just fine, and while nothing major happened, you managed to navigate your way through this past year without too much fuss. That is progress and is a win that can set you up for a bigger win in the next year; but you have to first be able to see that where you are at to be able to say you need to make some changes in your life and plans.

Keep in mind that some people even wish for an uneventful year. Maybe that’s you, or maybe you’re looking for a more eventful year. Whether any of this is actually going to benefit you depends entirely on what it is you’re looking for and trying to drive towards. You’ll figure that out once you’ve taken some stock of the past year and what it’s meant to you.

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