Privacy Policy & Personal Data Protection Act

In accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act 2012 (PDPA), passed by the Singapore Parliament in 2012, College of Allied Educators Singapore (CAE) adheres to the stated requirements of PDPA to the best of The College’s abilities and capabilities. For more information on PDPA, kindly visit the Personal Data Protection Commission, Singapore website.

By providing your contact information, you explicitly grant your consent for College of Allied Educators (CAE) to collect any submitted personal data, information, and other information about the transactions with you. CAE will manage the data and your personal information for the purposes of the administration, communications, and reasonable function of the college.

College of Allied Educators may call and/or text you to inform you of your class schedules, reschedules, urgent college announcements concerning students or to provide information relevant to studies and requested enquiries. We may also call and/or text you to gather other relevant information to service your request and/or necessary for the administration of your files with the school and any relevant authorities.

College of Allied Educators will only collect data you have opted to share with the college via its contact forms, enquiry forms, email communications and/or text communications for the college to service your enquiries, requests or other related services.

College of Allied Educators may periodically contact you via email, telephone, and/or text message for its own promotional and marketing purposes of courses, programmes, and services that may be relevant to you. In some instances, CAE may contact you with promotion for its partner services and programmes relevant to you and/or your course of study and interest.

Promotional communications will be accompanied with opt-out links to allow you to remove yourself from promotional and marketing correspondence as per PDPA policy.

College of Allied Educators will not sell your data or share your data with external parties not related to CAE that is not for the express purposes of administration, communications and reasonable functioning of the school.

You may withdraw consent and be removed from further marketing related communications by writing in to or

If you have any questions regarding this document, please contact

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Manager (Operations)
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Digital Marketing Manager
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