Special Education

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Research and practice have proven that Early Intervention produces immediate and long-term benefits for children with disabilities, their family and

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If you have ever tried to help loved ones experiencing prolonged, acute stress or someone trying to deal with a

special education, special needs
Proper life skills instructions are immeasurably important for students with disabilities. The knowledge and skill interactions believed to be essential

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A communication disorder is a disorder that negatively affects the person's ability to speak or engage in discussions with other

special education, special needs
Early childhood intervention is an educational and support system for young children who have developmental delays or disabilities. It also

play therapy, special education
Play is often used as a reward for doing something approved by parents and also to be taken away as

special education, special needs
It’s not simple or easy to determine if a child has a learning disability. Many otherwise normal behaviour can sometimes

wsq, special education, special needs
When people think about helping children with special needs, it typically involves helping them do things. That’s not wrong, but

special needs, special education
The role of a special needs educator is a challenging but rewarding one to fill. The people who become special