Special Education

Special Education, Special Needs, Part-Time Programme, Diploma, Advanced Diploma



special needs, special education
As parents and educators, we often do our homework on the various disabilities of special needs students. With the best

special needs, special education
Stimming is a self-stimulating behaviour that involves repetitive movements, sounds, or words. An example of stimming is when someone flaps

special education, special needs
If you are considering a career switch to doing something more meaningful with your career, or currently dealing with exceptional

special education,. special needs
College of Allied Educator’s Advanced Diploma in Special Education is a part-time programme that can be completed in 12 months.

special education, special needs
The Diploma in Disability Studies is a part-time programme that can be completed in 6-months.

Play Therapy
Some people may think that Play Therapy is just children playing with toys and having fun, but it’s important to

play therapy, special education
Play is often used as a reward for doing something approved by parents and also to be taken away as

special education, special needs
It’s not simple or easy to determine if a child has a learning disability. Many otherwise normal behaviour can sometimes

special education, special needs
College of Allied Educator's Diploma in Education (Special Needs) is a programme that provides an essential introduction to the various