What motivates you?

What motivates you?

Motivation is the reason for your actions and desires. It acts as a catalyst to drive you towards a lofty goal. It is the reason why you want to succeed in your interpersonal relationships as the best mother, father, sibling, spouse, or friend. It is why you want to be successful in your career, why you want to earn more, or be a better person in general.

Everybody thinks they know what motivates them, but there is a catch to motivation. Many people make the mistake of thinking of motivation as wish fulfilment and expecting certain outcomes from their desires. They may even misidentify and misattribute their motivations. Wanting to be successful in business is an expectant outcome and a goal, but you miss why you want to succeed in business.

When your motivation is unclear, it could lead to unclear actions that undermine your goals and desires.

  • Maybe you want to provide a better life for your family.
  • Maybe you value security for your future.
  • Maybe you’re trying to prove something to yourself or your naysayers.

Sometimes it just requires you to do something to discover your motivations.

This means you have to go out into the world and start participating. You have to decide you’re going to do something with yourself. That could mean deciding to study something that interests you or could put you on a path to a future goal or career path. It could mean volunteering to help your community in some way. It could mean travelling to see the world. It could mean picking up pen and paper and drawing or writing and discovering your talent. It could mean getting up and exercising and find out you like to exercise or you like the outcome and how it makes you feel.

Once you start doing something, you’ll start gaining some level of proficiency and understanding of it, and that will help you to understand what you are or aren’t good at and will help to determine what it is you like or don’t like.

It isn’t about how much money you want to earn or how good you want to be. Motivation is why you want to earn that money. Why you need to succeed. Identifying clearly what motivates you can be a convoluted, difficult affair; but identifying the truth behind your motivation is a deeper discovery about yourself and will help to define what success looks like to you.

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