Why is it so difficult to self-improve?

Why is it so difficult to self-improve?

If you started the new year with a new year’s resolution, chances are that many of those resolutions end up unresolved. Every year, we make a promise that this year, we’ll do things differently.

  • We’ll lose weight.
  • We’ll eat healthy.
  • We’ll read more.
  • We’ll be more patient.
  • We’ll be nicer.

We make these resolutions and then we’ll almost immediately forget about them after an initial attempt.

Why is it so difficult to self-improve?

It’s not that people aren’t serious about improving. Just the fact that people make resolutions in the first place acknowledges that there are some things they may not be happy with.

Life’s Distractions

One of the big reasons you’re likely to not meet your new year’s resolution goals is because you simply become distracted. It’s very easy to become distracted, especially since many will overlook this as too pedestrian to take note of.

What happens is that you’ll get distracted by the demands of work. The emotional and mental demands of your family or relationship drama drowns out any conviction you may have for your resolution. Other goals that seemingly require more urgent attention may pop up. Perhaps even an emergency arising to push back your goals.

It’s difficult to say which of these distractions will be the one that overshadows our resolution. It may be that it is just the accumulation of all the little things that happen in our lives that end up distracting us, then causing us to delay and even forget about our goals.

If you really want to ensure success, you’ll have to figure out the best possible way to keep your goals in front of you so you can achieve them. Everyone wants to improve, but actually doing it takes a lot of dedication and focus.

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