Will speech therapy help my child?

Will speech therapy help my child?

Children who suffer from communications disorders suffer emotional and social effects that may be a huge quality of life issue for them. Speech therapy is used to help improve your child or your students’ ability to communicate. Spoken communications is incredibly important to the development of the child, allowing them to express their emotions, needs, and thoughts.

In a research report by Jan Broomfield & Barbara Dodd (Speech Therapy 4 Kids), children who received intervention and underwent speech therapy improved over those that did not:

Children with primary speech and/or language disorder who received therapy over 6 months made statistically more positive change in standard scores on widely used speech–language therapy assessments than children held on a waiting list without treatment

There are other benefits of speech therapy:

1. More Independence:
When a person suffers from communications disorders, they often do not have the ability to fully communicate their needs or feelings. They often have to rely on other people to interpret communications and guess on their behalf. Therapy can help in dealing with the issues causing the disorder, giving them the ability to independently communicate intent, desire and feelings.

2. Better Socialisation:
The ability to properly communicate with other people within society allows individuals to build connections to their community and other people, opening up a whole new world of activities and interactions that would have otherwise been closed off. This also allows individuals to find their place with their peers in society.

3. Higher Self Esteem:
When people feel they can’t do things by themselves, have little to no place within society and amongst their peers, their value in themselves drops considerably. Low self esteem in such situations can further isolate individuals from society, their family and even putting them on a self-destructive path. Increasing a person’s self esteem will give them confidence and self value, allowing them to go out into the world to experience it positively.

If your child has difficulties with their speech and language abilities, they will have difficulty engaging peer group conversations, and if left untreated, further complications will arise by the time they pass their teens and enter adulthood.

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