3 Benefits of counselling

3 Benefits of counselling

The modern world is a hectic place with many complexities that can be seen and unseen. If you live in a big city like New York, Hong Kong, or Singapore, the pace of life can be incredibly fast and uncompromising. An environment where expectations are high, and where you are expected to perform, do well for your job, and your family/yourself can cause a great deal of stress.

The speed that people operate at doesn’t leave much room for general reflection or even personal self-reflection.

In many places, mental health is not a subject that is given much consideration, even though it should be. Your mental and emotional well-being determines, to a large extent, your quality of life, your happiness or misery, your future outlook, and can be the cause of any number of health problems.

Counselling is often thought to only be for people who have issues that they need solved; but this is not necessarily the case. Counselling can and does benefit anyone.

  1. Counselling can give you a space to self-reflect on what has happened to you, what is currently going on in your life, the issues you may have, or confusion and conflicting emotions about things in your life. Being able to share with a neutral party intently listening, in a space that is open for you alone, can allow you to verbalise long-standing thoughts and feelings that were unaddressed and needed to be addressed. It can help you organise yourself in a way you are unable to when left to your own with the weight of your responsibilities weighing you down.
  2. Catharsis is an experience many people discover when going through counselling. Sharing their thoughts and feelings to someone listening can bring together the randomness of the world can reveal real meaning and importance. This meaningful realisation and release of emotions is often described as a burden or weight taken off of people’s shoulders; giving them clarity and insight into themselves and the events of their life.
  3. Counselling also allows people to confront and deal with their complex emotions. Emotions are not always so clear as we learn about them. They often come jumbled together, and often conflicting. Especially due to the pace of life, many people often do not make the time or consideration to deal with their emotions. Sometimes a small negative feeling, left unchecked, can escalate to something much more severe, like sadness leading to depression; which can be life-threatening.

Counselling provides an array of benefits for our mental and emotional well-being, which should be paramount in a complex, fast paced society. It does not help us to physically progress forward but emotionally we trail behind our own progress. Our emotional and mental quality of life, and piece of mind deserve attention.

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