Are there different types of exceptional children?

Are there different types of exceptional children?

When people hear the term “exceptional children” there is a tendency to automatically equate that with autism, as autism is one of the well known and often talked about in the media. In reality though, exceptional children is a broad term that includes autistic children.

“Exceptional children” covers autism, but also covers several different types and groups of children with various conditions. Some of these are:

Communications Disorders is when children aren’t able to properly talk or express themselves. They might have difficulties making the proper sounds, and may also include stuttering and other speech impediments.

1 in 12 children might suffer from some degree of communications disorder.

Learning Disabilities is actually the most prevalent of the exceptional group. 

Up to 10% of children may have some type of learning disability.

This group may face difficulties in learning in some form or another. It can affect their reading, writing, or mathematic learning. Sometimes it is a combination. Many of these children are sometimes thought to be of lower intelligence but children with learning disabilities can be of average intelligence or even above average.

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