Do you sometimes feel the world is against you?

Do you sometimes feel the world is against you?

Things sometimes don’t go well for us. We may be having a difficult week, a hard month, or even years long struggles. Whenever we go through these difficulties in our lives, it always seems that other bad things happen at the same time, or people seem intent on adding to the problems or giving altogether new problems.

It is inevitable that we go through difficulties in our lives. Most likely we will go through many such occurrences. These can be self-inflicted, events that are out of our control, or a combination of both. All too often, other bad things tend to happen at the same time. What you are feeling is real, that it’s all happening to you at once, and the entire world seems arrayed against you.

However, these are how we feel about what is happening, and our interpretation. When we are going through tough times, we are vulnerable, and we tend to focus a lot on the troubles. It may keep us awake at night and distract us during the day. On any normal, given day, things happen to us, or we make mistakes, shake it off and move on. When we’re already suffering through a major, and prolonged issue, these small, mundane, every-day issues become burdens that make our problems feel worse because we no longer can tolerate more.

Then we end up being overly irritable, seemingly irrational, drive our closest friends and family away, become overly guilt-ridden, and can even fall into a deep depressive state.

It’s a lot to bear. For many, too much to bear.

While things can feel bad to worse, you need to also understand that there are things you can do to manage it. If you take the time for self-care, and work on your mental and physical well-being, you can build up your tolerance and defences against despair. Remember that the situations we are in are made worse by how we view and interpret them, and our outlook on it, and the outlook on our life in general.

A happy, well adjusted person who regularly takes care of themselves mentally and emotionally can be much more resilient to the rollercoaster ride of their emotions during times of trouble. They can ride out the bad times, and with some help from friends, family, and maybe even some counselling, they are able to weather many storms.

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