Does the fear of failure hold people back?

Does the fear of failure hold people back?

Fear is an unpleasant feeling. It can come over us in waves, and prevent us from thinking clearly and rationally, or it can slowly creep up on us over time and prevent us from making the right long term decisions.

Fear is not an unnatural feeling. It is perfectly natural and serves a purpose. A little fear is even helpful and necessary. It helps us navigate danger and serves to keep us away from harm and other bad things.  The problem comes when fear prevents us from decisions and actions that may be beneficial for us.

Fear of failure is a huge concern for many people.

A survey by the social network Linkagoal found that 31% of adults feared failure. 

This is a more widespread fear than fear of creepy crawlies, being home alone, or of ghosts! 

It is this overwhelming fear of failure that materialises itself as a fear of success. This prevents people from finding success in the things they want to accomplish. This can be personal goals they want to achive like losing weight, learning a new skill or hobby. This fear can make us feel like it is pointless to try to achieve the things we want.

If we fail, it’s a waste of time, energy, effort, emotions, expectaions, money. When we feel and think this way, it doesn’t make much sense to put any real effort in to achieve our success because it will be wasted effort. People can often get stuck in bad relationships this way when they are too afraid to let go and find a more positive relationship. It can also mean that some relationships simply do not start just because people fear how badly it might turn out.

Even though fear is useful for our survival, it can also lead us away from success. It can prevent us from seeing our potential reached. It makes us avoid unpleasantness, but the path to success often is through the most unpleasant of effort and situations. Every successful business owner and professional knows that grit, hard work, perserverence, and dedication are the backbone of success. It is grueling, unpleasant, and tiring work. If our fear drives us away from these unpleasant things, we may inadvertently be driven away from the success we truly crave and need.

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