How do I find happiness in a really bad year?

How do I find happiness in a really bad year?

It’s true that some years are going to be really bad years. It could be due to losing your job and not being able to pick yourself up quickly enough, or you lost loved ones and had a difficult time coping, or you lost a relationship you treasured. It could even be true that all of these things happened all at once within the same year.

These things happening are bad enough, but it is especially more difficult when you add in a pandemic that has seen an entire year where people faced uncertainty, isolation, fear, and anxiety.

It’s easy to say it was a bad year. It’s probably right to say it was a terrible year. How does anyone make any sense of it and find any happiness?

While it is easy (and understandable) to dwell on the negatives, you can cultivate a positive and healthy attitude that can lead to your own happiness:

Allow yourself to celebrate
It’s the holiday season. While the year may have been bad, you can and should allow yourself to celebrate and enjoy yourself without having to feel guilty about it. Let the season be the excuse to allow yourself to just enjoy the holidays. You can do some shopping for other people, or even shopping for yourself.

Be thankful for what you have.
Gratitude is very important for your well being and emotional health. It allows you to see and appreciate the big and small things that are good in your life or that you enjoy and have meaning to you. It could be gratitude for your health, your family, good friends, or having a place to live and food to eat. Being able to appreciate the things you do have will help give you some perspective in your view of things.

Connect with people
While it is was harder than ever to physically meet up, technology has allowed us to connect with those we love and those who love us. Taking the time to call them and talk will allow you to stay connected to people who form your emotional and psychological support group. It can be friends or family; you just have to make the effort. It will help give you a stronger sense of belonging and can bring a great deal of comfort.

If you lose yourself to the moment, allow yourself to enjoy the spirit of the holidays, and can feel gratitude for all the positive things in your life, you may find that happiness is closer than you think; even in these troubled times. If you can find even a sliver of happiness, you’ll be able to share that with your friends and family.

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