How do I find my purpose?

How do I find my purpose?

Practically speaking, nobody is born knowing what their purpose is. They tend to figure it out as they grow and develop over the years. They may end up finding their purpose through their lived experience, or sometimes even adopting another person’s purpose for their own.

Finding your purpose isn’t something that’s obvious or easy to identify because each person can have very different motivations. For most people, this can be a very daunting question. It’s not just young people who get stumped by this question; even older people have a difficult time with it.

Ultimately, what you’re doing is trying to figure out why you’re doing something. That is a difficult question to start with because what you do is mostly inherited, taught, and prescribed to you. This happens for years and decades before you can really start to figure out what it is you are doing and why. It’s one of the reason so many people end up trying to figure this out very late in their life.

You can go through the motions and follow the rules and patterns, but have no time where you fit in anywhere. It’s important that you make the effort to make time for yourself, and think about what it is you are doing and why.

Take time to think about who it is you really are.

  • What motivates you?
  • Why are you motivated by the things you are?
  • What fills you joy, happiness, fear, dread?
  • What is it that you wanted for yourself?
  • How did you see your life playing out?

These are just some of the questions that are incredibly important; and ones you have to sit down and think about. Otherwise you’ll go through your life without knowing why you’re doing anything.

On the surface, they are simple questions, but answering them is much harder than it seems; at least for most of us. If you sit down and give yourself time to figure out who you are, you may find layers upon layers of a person you didn’t know was there. That complex, and unique individual that you find may be able to help you answer why you’re doing the things you’re doing, or why you aren’t doing the things you should and want to be doing.

This question is as important as trying to find your meaning. If you don’t know who you are, why you’re even doing the things you’re doing, or don’t feel that it has any meaning to you, it begs the question of why even bother doing it.

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