How much self-doubt is too much?

How much self-doubt is too much?

If we accept that confidence is hugely beneficial to success at whatever task we set ourselves to, then self-doubt must be quite detrimental to success. That would be the most likely conclusion and maybe even the consensus among people in general.

However, we know that self-doubt does happen, even in the most supremely confident and highly successful people. It would be too easy and dismissive to say that these excellent examples of humanity just brute force their way through their doubt. It diminishes their accomplishments, and it will diminish your accomplishments and ability to understand your own success or failures.

Everyone has some amount of self-doubt, and it seems that at least some degree of self-doubt is necessary for us to perform and achieve beyond our boundaries. Self-doubt may be a necessary fuel for achievement. It channels anxiety and fear of failure into motivation to succeed. Those who are too confident can tend to become overconfident, and overconfidence can have a negative effect on motivation.

Here are a couple tips to help you move along when you get stuck.

  • It’s ok, just make a decision
    We can’t know everything there is to know before we make a decision so take some time to consider your decisions; the major pitfalls and major benefits. Then decide which action will give you the best chance of succeeding based off of what you know right at that point. This applies to work or personal life decisions.

    In most cases you can always course correct and fix things as you go. If you sit and ponder too long while waiting for everything to align, the moment and opportunities may pass by completely.

  • Don’t compare too much with what others are doing
    Comparisons can often give us a baseline for what we want to have happen but it can also spiral into a never-ending circle of comparison where you’re never quite content with what you are doing or what is happening. Instead, you want to be look to yourself and define what it is you really want and how you want to go about making sure it happens.

    Remember that you are your own best friend and understand yourself better than the other person you are comparing yourself to.

It is more about ensuring you are moderating and regulating  yourself emotionally and psychologically so you don’t get to the point you have to deal with the negative consequences. It’s ok to have some doubt. It’s ok to look to others to feel out the way forward when you feel you are in the dark about matters. Do those, but be sure to look to yourself for your answers as well.

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