Improving your confidence can improve your life!

Improving your confidence can improve your life!

I’ve always looked at successful people and tried to find a pattern. It’s something of a morbid curiosity, but also quite practical in nature. At one end, looking too hard at someone who has his life sorted out and doing well can make me a little envious. On the other end, I want to know how they’ve gone about their lives and done this. I don’t think I’m alone in doing this. You’ve likely engaged in this as well.

There seems to be a number of things that successful people have in common, but I think one of the most obvious is their confidence. That may sound a tad bit obvious and simplistic, but when I took some time to really think about it, I wasn’t so sure if I know exactly what that meant. I had to really think on it.

What is confidence?

Confidence is the belief and faith in something. More more confident someone is, the more faith and belief they have. This means, if they are confident of their abilities, they believe they are able to perform to a certain level.

For example, if you believe you’re really good at your job, you have a belief and faith in your ability to perform your job really well. This means you’re unlikely to face uncertainty and doubt about what you can and cannot do. You know, and you believe in yourself to be able to do it.

This would apply to other areas of life as well. For example, some people have really confident personalities, and this allows them to attract other people much more easily to them. They have the ability to draw attention to themselves in an effortless way, and this could even extend to being able to attract personal endeavours and monetary success!

How do I go about getting more confidence?

Taking some time to analyse and think about it more clearly, I’ve concluded that you develop it over time. I think some people have a natural tendency towards confidence just as a base part of their personality; but for the rest of us, I think it’s something we work on over time.

You might have come to a different conclusion; but I had to ask myself: “Are successful people confident or did success bring confidence?”

The answer I came up with trended towards all or nothing, which is to say, I had to believe people were confidence and that attracted success, or they became successful and as a result they became more confident. It was either of the two answers, but there had to be more nuance to it.

I think it’s very likely that we develop confidence as we learn how to do something and become capable at it. Think back on how we learned to ride a bicycle. There was fear of falling, fear of injury, and fear of failure. All this worked to create doubt and uncertainty. Once we learned how to ride though, the fear went away and our confidence improved.

Developing our overall confidence then must mean that we are developing competence in other areas of our lives. It could mean the accumulated total of our competence in our hobbies, our educational performance, our ability to build and maintain relationships, and our work & career capabilities. When we learn and develop ourselves to be competent, we’re building ourselves towards success. Our confidence rises as a result and success really comes as a result of our total effort of developing ourselves.

That belief and faith in our own abilities can then attract attention and other people towards us, and that could mean attracting more success. Success could very well attract happiness.

Where would you place yourself in terms of development and competence in different areas of your life, and how do you feel about where you’re at?

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