Students with Special needs require 3 major living skills

Students with Special needs require 3 major living skills

Proper life skills instructions are immeasurably important for students with special needs. The knowledge and skill interactions believed to be essential for adult independent living should be met at an early age for students with special needs. These students require the proper education and support to learn these necessary behaviours.

The three major skill areas that need to be addressed are:

Daily Living Skills:
Learning how to bathe, groom, cook, and maintain living spaces.

Personal/Social Skills:
Learning problem solving, activity planning, maintaining interpersonal relationships, participation in community.

Occupational skills:
Attaining and maintaining employment, peer cooperation, working under supervision, time management, and meeting work standards.

With these, students will eventually gain the basic skills necessary to be independent as they enter adulthood. They will learn how to properly groom, apply appropriate social etiquette, maintain relationships and employment, make decisions about food, health, and money.

Find out how you can teach the necessary life skills to give your Special Needs child a brighter, more independent future.

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