Why am I anxious about the future?

Why am I anxious about the future?

The future is something we have no choice but to move towards. For most of us, there is a certain amount of uncertainty and certainty to our future. While we may not know some things, we can expect other things to be reasonably constant.

For example,

  • we may not know if we passed a job interview, but we know that there is a job market where hard work and persistence pays off.
  • we may not know what is happening for lunch tomorrow but we may know where to go if we felt like indulging a particular craving.

We spend a lot of time planning and scheduling our future, including planning our entire education out years in advance. Our career choices are also decided in advance.

It gives us structure and direction and gives us purpose for when we don’t have any particular purpose. It makes the unknown less scary.

The pandemic has turned things upside down. Even after the country opened back up, many people are still suffering severe anxiety about what is in store for them in the future. They are going back to work unsure if they will even have a job tomorrow. Others are going to school under strict measures, while others have changed format and gone online. Some students are deferring for fear they may not be able to pay for lessons or be unable to complete their studies.

Some people are still under self-isolation waiting for the pandemic to blow over. Some people have not been in contact with their friends and support networks. The pandemic has thrown off any reasonable expectations we may have had for our future and replaced it with instability and uncertainty.

  • If you are the one anxious over your future, would you know how to deal with it?
  • If you knew someone who was suffering from anxiety over their future, would you how how to help them deal with it?

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