Are there different types of loneliness?

Are there different types of loneliness?

When people think about loneliness, some may think of someone who is alone all the time; but being lonely and being alone are different things. Being alone is a physical state where a person could be by themselves a lot of the time.

This doesn’t necessarily mean they are lonely. Some people have less need to be around other people and are quite comfortable to be themselves, and even to do things by themselves. Being lonely is a feeling that you need people but for whatever reason, don’t have access to them. It is a feeling of isolation. Sometimes being alone can also be lonely. There are different types of loneliness that you can face:

  • Romantic loneliness: This is when someone single feels a deep longing for a romantic partner. They might be feeling a need for a more intimate connection with another person; often not having any particular person in mind. Sometimes people in relationships feel lonely in this way, perhaps because they lack the intimate connection with their partner or because of other life or relationship issues.
  • Situational loneliness: This is when a person is put in a situation where they are new, have no connections or friendships yet, and feel isolated and alone with a room full of strangers. This can be due to starting a new job or moving to a new neighbourhood or city, or even going to a party. It really is a strange environment, with strange people, and you are alone to deal with it.
  • Platonic loneliness: This is when a person doesn’t have platonic friendships. Platonic friendships are important for everyone. The platonic connections we make with other people help bring us together with like-minded individuals to share in life’s ups and downs. It might be difficult for some people to believe but there are plenty of people that lack or have a difficult time making these connections. Some people suffer from social anxiety or are introverted and making friendships is more difficult, and sometimes maybe the demand of work gets in the way of friendships.

There are more ways that you can be lonely, and at some point, you’ll face some or all of them. Many people suffer through their loneliness by themselves, which is how they sometimes get themselves into unnecessarily negative mindsets and sometimes even leading to depression, a very serious issue.

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