Are you overburdened by stress?

Are you overburdened by stress?

Stress is something we all have to deal with. It is our body’s signal to be wary of danger or threats. Your heart rate may increase, your palms may get sweaty, your senses get more acute, and you gain more energy as hormones flood your body in preparation to deal with the looming problem or threat. Stress is a natural.

In the modern day, the most common type of stress is work related.

  • We may be unhappy with our job
  • We may feel insecure about our position
  • We may be over worked, and over tired

Other life events also cause considerable amounts of stress, such as:

  • Death of our loved ones
  • Chronic illness
  • Financial responsibilities and instability
  • Fear, uncertainty, doubt, and unrealistic expectations all contribute to causing stress as well.

Most people are dealing with several stress related incidences at any one time. It’s no wonder the level of stress is so high, and people are suffering from so many of the negative side effects of stress. It’s too easy to be overwhelmed, from too many different directions and events.

Some people deal with stress better than others, and the threshold for stress can be very different between individuals. Trying to define how much stress is too much can be difficult. Instead, keep a wary eye towards some symptoms:

  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Difficulty focussing
  • Persistent tiredness
  • Constant irritability

There are many more symptoms to watch for that will help inform if you are under too much stress. Remember that some stress is natural, and even helpful. Just be mindful it is too much when it starts to affect you negatively in any way. At that point, you will need to deal with it as quickly as possible to prevent stress from overwhelming your life.

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