Do people gravitate to you for advice?

Do people gravitate to you for advice?

We seem to know at least someone that everyone goes to for advice. It’s usually a friend but sometimes it may be a sibling, mother, or father. These people are the ones that you always feel naturally drawn to when you have some concern or need to unburden yourself with the worries of the day.

We go to them because their presence has a calming effect on us, and we feel safe and secure sharing with them our private thoughts and concerns. One of the greatest qualities they have is that they listen, and they are non-judgemental. Often, they are sympathetic to our plight, and empathic to how we feel about our problems. They seem to have an uncanny knack for knowing what we are talking about as we speak, and even when they don’t, they know how to ask the right questions so they can better understand what we are saying.

These qualities also happen to be some of the qualities that would make someone a natural, if not excellent, counsellor.

  • They are great listeners
  • They are non-judgmental
  • They are sympathetic, and empathetic
  • They genuinely care about people and the well-being of others.

Many people don’t even realise they have this unique set of qualities that attract so many people to them for advice, for comfort, or friendship. Perhaps you are even one such person who has always been there for friends and family, ready with a listening ear and a warm smile.

Join us at College of Allied Educators to learn more about how you can develop these qualities to more effectively guide people through their deepest emotions, help them overcome their fears, disagreements, and challenges. In the process, learn how you can find your own happiness through helping others and yourself.

    Diploma in Counselling Psychology (DCPSY) is a counselling course covering a range of conceptual and functional skills in counselling. It trains students to apply appropriate counselling psychology skills in different situations, and equips students with the ability to work effectively as a counsellor.


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