Do people underestimate learning disorders?

Do people underestimate learning disorders?

The most common learning disorders and special needs are Autism Spectrum Disorders, Attention Deficit Disorders, Dyspraxia and Dyslexia. These are some of the most likely disorders that educators and parents will encounter; and as many as 10% of all students will have one or more of the symptoms.

Some children will be diagnosed early and be put through the most appropriate teaching programmes and methods. Other children may be diagnosed later, but others will fall through the cracks and be branded as unintelligent, slow, or disruptive. When we take the time to consider what 10% of student suffering from a learning disability means, it can bring quite a bit of perspective. This means as many as 2-3 students per classroom might be suffering from a learning disorder of some type.

This means that in almost every class, there are a few students who may be disruptive, or who may appear slow or unintelligent.

The pace of educational development often means these few students will almost always be seen in a negative light due to underperformance. It also means more time and resources need to be devoted to them in order to get them performing to the pace of the school curriculum. Often, this might not even be enough and the students still fall behind.

This is because the teaching methods might not be the most appropriate to the way the child needs to learn. Especially children with special needs with various learning disabilities, the way they learn can be quite narrow. The good news is, there are ways for them to learn effectively.

Many children with learning disorders are actually very intelligent but the current teaching method may not be suitable for the way they need to learn.

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