Do you know what dyscalculia is?

Do you know what dyscalculia is?

Many people have heard of Dyslexia but may have never heard of Dyscalculia.

Dyscalculia is sometimes referred to as the math disorder. It’s a condition where those affected have severe difficulties in making arithmetic calculations. While Dyslexia tends to affect more boys than girls, Dyscalculia seems to affect boys and girls equally.

Young students with Dyscalculia may have difficulties reading numbers and understanding its connection to quantity. They may have difficulties performing basic addition and subtraction and the condition may persist into their teen years.Dyscalculia affects up to 7% of all students and is more difficult to diagnose than Dyslexia because it tends to exist alongside other conditions like ADHD, and treating these other conditions can sometimes diminish the effects of Dyscalculia.

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