You are worthy of being happy!

You are worthy of being happy!

It may seem obvious that we’re all worthy of being happy, but in reality, too many people don’t feel they are worthy of happiness. There are a lot of different reasons for why people don’t feel they are worthy of happiness.

For some people, they may feel like they haven’t done enough to be happy and as such, may end up feeling guilty that they haven’t had to do anything substantial. They haven’t won any awards, made any meaningful contribution to their work, community, or world, and so they may feel quite unworthy of happiness.

There are people who may feel unworthy of happiness due to their circumstances in life. They may feel that since they are victims of their circumstance, they were part of the cause of their unhappiness. This may be more evident in people dealing with trauma or abuse. As such, they may rationalise that they aren’t worthy.

There are also people who have self-esteem issues who simply don’t think they are good people and due to that, they think they aren’t worthy of being happy.

It could also be possible that you think you aren’t worthy of happiness because you’ve failed. Maybe you’ve failed in certain things in your career, or failed in your hobbies, or failed your relationships. Maybe you failed in a life goal you set out for yourself and now have a hard time accepting you’re worthy of any happiness.

Whatever the reason may be that you don’t feel yourself worthy of happiness, it may lead you into a self-fulfilling situation where you end up making choices in life that ensure you can’t be happy. Whether you think you aren’t good enough or successful enough, it doesn’t mean you aren’t worthy of happiness. There is no requirement you need to meet to be worthy, and importantly, you are not required to prove your worth!

Every person has a right to search for happiness. You have a right to search for your own happiness, and your own definition of happiness. The only requirement you need is to want it and to make the decision to work towards it.

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