Forgiveness can affect your emotional health

Forgiveness can affect your emotional health

Emotional health and well-being come from regular work, and effort spent making healthy choices and engaging in healthy activities. Like physical health where you choose diet and exercise to care for your body, you have to make conscious decisions to be emotionally healthier, less negative, and from that, filled with less pain. One thing that people who are emotionally healthy often do is to forgive others who have done them wrong in some way.

Forgiveness is best thought of as a gift, but one given to yourself, where you let go of the hurt and anger that another’s actions has elicited from you. This does not mean you have to welcome anyone who hurt you back in to your life or put yourself in another position to be hurt again. You can choose what you do and with whom you associate.

Forgiveness simply means letting go of the hostility and resentment, and not allowing yourself to be held hostage by those emotions any longer.

The negativity you hold within yourself is not directed at the person who hurt you. It is constantly held by you and does them no harm and provides no justice whatsoever. Your mind and body do not know the difference between being angry and hurt for yourself or for someone else. The negative energy is there and continually subjecting yourself to it actually does harm to you and your body, putting yourself at higher risk for depression, anxiety, cardiovascular problems, and illnesses.

You can help your own mind and body be healthier by forgiving and letting go of grudges.

Letting go of old hurts and animosity is a conscious decision, that requires thought, conviction and effort. It is reminding yourself that this is not worth your time and is not worth the cost and damage being done to your mind and body by holding on to it. It does require a bit of self-talk, reminding yourself that this person or event is not worth the time and energy you are spending on it.

Forgiveness is a hard concept, and it is one that has been talked about and explored in many different ways and many different areas, from religion to art to law and justice. Mental health and emotional well-being is another area that forgiveness must be explored and applied as well. It is necessary to help improve your health and well-being. By practicing forgiveness in your life, you too can improve your emotional health.

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