Gain a deeper understanding of child development!

Gain a deeper understanding of child development!

If you’re on the path to working with children and want to get a deeper understanding of their development, CAE’s Postgraduate Diploma in Special Education may be right for you!

CAE’s Postgraduate Diploma in Special Education is a 15-month, part-time programme focuses on developing and enhancing your experiential knowledge and professional skills. You will acquire curriculum development and teaching pedagogy to support and enable children in acquiring academic, social and other general competencies.

These children may have a wide range of disabilities including those with various degrees of intellectual, physical, behavioural, psychological, and sensorial issues, or a combination of these.

Through the Postgraduate Diploma in Special Education programme, you will:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the keys areas of child development, educational theory, and the aetiology of the major types of disabilities;
  • Acquire the skills necessary for the identification of specific disabilities and the diagnosis and assessment of individual weaknesses;
  • Develop competency in a range of teaching skills to suit the needs of the children being taught; and
  • Plan, create, and evaluate individualised intervention programmes for their own area of disability specialisation.

The programme is composed of 14 modules exposing you to the different areas you will need proficiency in as you develop your knowledge and abilities in helping children with special needs to develop to their potential.


  1. Special Education and Exceptional Children
  2. Diagnosis, Assessment and Referral of Exceptional Children
  3. Literacy, Numeracy and Adaptive Daily Living Skills
  4. Behaviour and Classroom Management
  5. Individual Education Plan and Intervention Strategies
  6. Specific Learning Difficulties
  7. Autism Spectrum Disorders
  8. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders
  9. Sensory Integration
  10. Communication Disorders
  11. Research Methods
  12. Developmental Psychology
  13. Abnormal Psychology
  14. 30 Hours Practicum

Join us at College of Allied Educators to see how you can develop an understanding of the different types of exceptional children, their needs, and the different special needs programmes and specialties that are available to you, for them.

CAE’s 15-months Postgraduate Diploma in Special Education (PGDISE) is a part-time programme is designed specifically to train potential candidates to be effective educators to children with special needs. At a graduate level, the Post Graduate Diploma in Special Education focuses on developing and enhancing candidates’ experiential knowledge and skills professionally through a holistic approach.


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