The Benefits of listening

The Benefits of listening

Listening is a skill that not only helps and serves others, it conditions us to become more compassionate, patient and nurturing people. It takes us out of our tendency toward self absorption and self interest, connecting us intrinsically with the world around us. When we listen, we develop new points of view, perspectives and insight and at the same time foster connections that confers trust and respect.

Knowing how to be an engaged listener is a pivotal skill for effective communication. Learning the combined set of skills and techniques will empower you with the ability to build excellent rapport with others, manage stress at the moment and develop the capacity to recognise and understand your emotions and those you are communicating with.

We listen to for a number of reasons:

  • By listening, we are learning about people, and we develop understanding of those we listen to. It dispels our initial judgements and opens up opportunities to rid ourselves of bias and bigotry.
  • We listen because we enjoy being with friends, family. We genuinely want to know what is happening in their lives, and we genuinely care about their well-being.
  • By listening, we connect with people at a deeper, more meaningful level. They reveal themselves to us, show us their vulnerabilities, their hopes and fears, joys and excitements in life.

Listening makes us human. It opens us up mentally and emotionally to other people, and makes us sympathetic and empathetic to their concerns and worries. While listening skills can be taught, it is not for no reason that counsellors typically are already innately good listeners. Counselling combines the ability to listen, connect, and understand people, and often you may discover more about yourself as well.

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