What makes a teacher special this Teacher’s Day?

What makes a teacher special this Teacher’s Day?

Some people may say that it is how creative the teacher is that makes them special. Maybe it’s their ability to infuse learning with humour, or their patience and compassion that make them memorable. Others may think a teacher with a quirky and infectious personality makes for a memorable teacher. Perhaps the teacher is just really, really knowledgeable.

What we can agree on is that special teachers are teachers that have put heart and soul into their profession, having patience and an ability to focus on the progress and welfare of the student, even when the student requires extra help, or after school counselling.

In fact, when Dr. Paul Semendinger, Principal of Hawes Elementary School, asked his students what made teachers special for them, their answers surprised him. Listening to the words of the student themselves, it seems the most consistent characteristic for being a special teacher were:

  • patience,
  • consistency,
  • kindness,
  • the willingness to put in the time to help the students when they needed it.

What is truly amazing is that from the student’s point of view, a special teacher is just the most basic minimum of what teachers and educators are. Even more so for special education teachers – who have to learn how to identify and diagnose specific disabilities and formulate individualised intervention plans – it is important to not forget the fundamentals of patience, consistency, kindness and willingness to go the distance to ensure the child succeeds.

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