What makes you happy?

What makes you happy?

It is very likely that what makes you happy is not what makes someone else happy. However, many people assume the habits and desires of other people while looking for their own happiness. This means that despite the things that make us unique as individuals, we tend to follow the trends and take these up as if it could make us as happy as it makes someone else.We assume other people’s preferences and desires, and we might even attach our identity to these desires and preferences.

Perhaps we follow expectations set out for us by our parents, spouse, or peers. After all, we want to make other people happy with us. That’s why we try to live up to people’s expectations.

  • We might try to live our lives searching for more money.
  • We might buy luxuries we don’t need.
  • We might spend our resources on consumption.
  • We might be searching for social validation of our own self-worth.

By doing this, we are trying to live another person’s life. As can be seen with many wealthy celebrities, money, luxuries, and social validation do not bring happiness. They can often fall to depression, self-doubt, loneliness, and some may even turn to thoughts of suicide. If having all that can’t make them happy, then we need to ask ourselves why any of that would make any of us happy if we emulate their success.

Maybe we need to do a deeper search within ourselves to find the answer of what makes us happy. Instead of what we think will make us happy in other people’s eyes, we need to think about what will make us happy as an individual. We need to be able to identify what contributes to happiness. Perhaps no single thing does, and perhaps you know more about what it is that will make you happy but you are distracted by everything else in life.

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